Choice Clips

Here’s a sample of my writing, including some of my favorite pieces.


The Trophy Hunting Paradox


I went to Kenya to speak with wildlife conservationists about new efforts to save the country’s wild animals. Kenya banned trophy hunting in the 1970s, but many wildlife species continue to disappear at alarming rates. Full Article.


Chris Christie’s Hot Wheels


I teamed up with our politics writer David Sirota for this scoop about how New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie procured a free Corvette for a radio host who interviewed him every week. The host was one of the only members of the local press with direct access to the governor. Full Article.


Invasion of the Seaweed


I reported from Tulum, Mexico, on the puzzling increase of sargassum seaweed washing ashore in coastal towns and threatening Mexico’s $154 million tourism industry. The problem in 2015 had hospitality workers on edge as everyone wondered when, or if, the onslaught would let up. Full Article.


Nonprofits Crushed By Facebook


As organic reach has declined in the Facebook news feed, nonprofits told me they were unable to share vital information with their members. Some say the huge social network has a responsibility to better accommodate the nonprofit sector. Full Article.


History Meets Histrionics


I reviewed the Broadway phenomenon Hamilton for Newsweek, and yes, I fawned over it as much as everyone else. Full Article.


Amazon and Retail: A New Normal


Part of IBT’s three-part series exploring Amazon’s business model: I spoke with brick-and-mortar retailers who had lost the fight against the online behemoth, or were fighting tooth and nail to hold on. Full Article.


Cozy With Comcast


A follow-the-money story showing how cable industry interests donated heavily to two Republican architects of a plan to derail the FCC’s net neutrality efforts. Full Article.


A Gay Mecca Awaits Its Fate


I spoke with longtime patrons of the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village, called the birthplace of gay civil rights, on the eve of a decision by the New York Landmarks Commission to designate the property a historic landmark. The fight to protect the tavern reflects broader challenges faced by preservationists in pro-development New York. Full Article.


A Bloodbath On Broadway


I reviewed American Psycho, a musical adaptation of Bret Easton Ellis’s novel, which dripped with great 1980s camp but struggled to realize a greater purpose. Full Article.


When TV Watches You Back


I spoke with privacy advocates and legal experts about a new plan by NBCUniversal to combine consumer data with information from cable set-top boxes in hopes of learning more about which types of viewers watch specific shows. Full Article.

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