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‘Our Government Has Failed Us’


In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic shutdowns, I spoke with small-business owners frustrated by the lack of government support and the chaotic rollout of the loan programs. Full Story

Lin-Manuel Miranda Thinks Small


I spoke with the Hamilton creator about his support for small businesses and partnership with American Express. Full Story

Invasion of the Seaweed


I reported from Tulum, Mexico, on the puzzling increase of sargassum seaweed washing ashore in coastal towns and threatening Mexico’s $154 million tourism industry. The problem in 2015 had hospitality workers on edge as everyone wondered when, or if, the onslaught would let up. Full Story

Are Unpaid Internships Still Legal?


For Fast Company, I wrote about a game-changing court decision that made the question around the legality of unpaid internships fuzzier than ever. Full Story

Tribeca Reverses Course


In this exclusive report, I broke the news that the for-profit Tribeca Film Festival planned to start paying its interns. The festival’s parent company had just been bought by Madison Square Garden Co. in a deal that put its finances under a microscope. Full Story

Caught In Yelp’s Web


I spoke with small-business owners frustrated over Yelp’s mysterious algorithm, which is supposed to filter out low-quality reviews. In many cases, entrepreneurs find that Yelp is filtering out perfectly good feedback and hurting their companies’ overall ratings. Full Story

McDonald’s Vs The Mommy Bloggers


The burger giant faced backlash in 2014 after it denied a group of mom bloggers the opportunity to speak at the annual meeting of shareholders in Oak Brook, Illinois. McDonald’s Corp. defended the decision, saying the meetings were meant to discuss the direction of the company, not air grievances. Full Story

When TV Watches You Back


I spoke with privacy advocates and legal experts about a new plan by NBCUniversal to combine consumer data with information from cable set-top boxes in hopes of learning more about which types of viewers watch specific shows. Full Story

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